Apple Could Be Ditching the Lightning Port And Ruining Our Lives

Having an Apple product is like being addicted to something except instead of ruining your health it ruins your bank account and sends your stress levels into space.

I just had to replace a phone and it cost my both legs and an arm. Almost every day now we are hearing rumours about how they are changing things up to slowly milk more money out of us.

Which brings me on to…

Apparently, they are getting rid of the lightning port. It’s been a mainstay since 2012 so this is big news.

I’ve barely got used to having a lightning port! I vividly remember when they first introduced them and I had to switch round to all new chargers.

So now the iPhone is going to be using a USB-C port – which they use in the latest Android Phones, like the hotly-anticipated (is the pun intended, I’m not sure) Samsung G6. So it now looks like Apple is copying Android phones.

Apple has only just announced that it’s getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and while the nice Pinocchio song from Beats By Dre has shown that everyone is moving towards wireless headphones – this is a lot of change to swallow!

Apple already uses the USB-C port on its MacBooks so maybe it was only a matter of time before it was rolled out for the phones too?

And there are some advantages to this – the cord is reversible so you don’t have to flip it round to plug in. It can do a few things at a time, like charge, output video and transfer. And maybe Apple will finally start standardising after this.

People are already not happy about the rumours of switching to a USB-C port.

Bret Kenyon wrote: “I’ve already decided I’m switching to Samsung as soon as my current contract is up. Been really disappointed with the last two iPhones I’ve owned.”

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