BlackBerry’s Share Of The Total Smartphone Market Is Now 0%

BlackBerry’s share of the global smartphone market is now 0.0%. You know what that means right? It means that Blackberry’s share of the global smartphone market is now 0.0%.

In other words, it’s fucking dire news for the guys over at BB, who only sold 207,900 BlackBerry devices in the fourth quarter of 2016 out of a total 432 million smartphones sold altogether.

BlackBerry's Share Of The Total Smartphone Market Is Now 0%

That gives them a precise share of 0.0481%. Jeez Louise.

To elaborate on this awful death rattle for the old-school phone, 352.7 million smartphones running Google’s Android system were sold in Q4 2016, covering 81.7% of the market. Apple’s iOS sold 77 million units in the fourth quarter, covering a reasonable 17.9% of the share.

It follows a series of crushing low-blows to the once-legendary phone. In its day, BlackBerry’s were the go-to choice for everyone from Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian.

BlackBerry's Share

It was with the release of the iPhone that the BlackBerry was dealt its first KO.

Last September, BlackBerry announced it would no longer make its own phones, choosing instead to rely on third-party features for all future BB-related devices.

“BB10 has a strong following around the world in enterprise and government, as well as consumers in particular markets,” SVP for global device sales and fairyland-enthusiast Alex Thurber told the Financial Post last month. “I want to make sure that our customers and users don’t get concerned that we’re not continuing to support and invest in BB10 because we absolutely are.”

Time will tell, I suppose. Should the BlackBerry draw its final text bing this year, I’m sure we’ll all be there to send it off.

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