‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Has Punched A Passenger On An Airplane

The “Cash Me Ousside” girl was caught on film in an altercation with someone on a flight out of Los Angeles yesterday evening. Police were called and ended-up escorting her, her mother and another passenger off their plane.

The altercation between Danielle Bregoli, who is just 13-years-old, and her fellow passenger started when Danielle’s mother, Barbara, got into a conflict with a passenger while her mum was putting her carry-on bag in an overhead compartment.

Because she had a cast she on her foot, it was taking a long time for her to get her luggage stored, which the woman took offense to. This resulted in an argument between Danielle, her mother Barbara, and the other woman.

You can watch the video here…

Danielle has claimed the woman grabbed her mother by the throat and in response she started swinging. Sadly for her, she was citizen arrested by one of the other people on the flight and authorities were called in.

A short time later the police arrived and took all three off the plane.

In the clip you hear the woman who was punched lashing out at Danielle, calling her a “wanker” as well as spitting toward Danielle and her mum.

According to TMZ, Spirit Airlines banned Danielle, her mom and the other woman for life.

But while Danielle is experiencing the low ebbs of viral fame, others have been seeing the highs.

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