Cheating Husband Suing Uber For Informing His Affair To His Wife

A French businessman is suing taxi-mavericks Uber after it revealed his affair to his wife.

The smartphone app revealed the the location where the man was cheating with another woman.

He had requested a taxi using his wife’s phone, according to local reports. When he returned the phone, the app continued to send his wife notifications of his whereabouts despite logging out of it.

Cheating Husband Suing Uber
Image: PA

They have gone on to divorce. The man, from southern France, has now filed a lawsuit against Uber worth £45 million.

His lawyer, David-André Darmon, told AFP news agency that his client was “the victim of a bug in an application.

“The bug has caused him problems in his private life.” You can say that again, mate.

That “bug” has been known to affect other users of the app.

Le Figaro reports that the glitch does not affect those with Androids.

Cheating Husband Suing Uber For Grassing His Affair To His Wife

Speaking to a spokesperson for Uber, they said: “Uber does not publicly comment on individual cases, including the case of divorce proceedings between spouses.”

Shit luck for Darmon, really. But he should’ve known better than to organise his shenanigans with a side-chick on his wife’s phone. Also, he’s suing Uber for £45 million. Why is he even dicking about with the app to begin with? Surely he could’ve gotten a private jet at the click of a finger.

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