Guy Sets Up His Girlfriend To See If She Would Cheat, Doesn’t End Well

If you enjoy revelling in the misery of others, then do I have a treat for you.

YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater sees people setting up a honeytrap to snare their partners doing the dirty, filming the whole thing and sticking it online.

Now, a lot of the time people just find out that their S.O. is a faithful and loyal person as they turn down a hottie who is throwing themselves at them. Occasionally, though, it goes the other way and, oh, it’s bad.

In this one, a guy called Eric has set up his girlfriend to be ‘tested’ by a rapper called Jaystar.

Jaystar approaches the woman outside of her work and starts chatting to her. At first Eric is feeling pretty confident. “See, she’s totally blowing him off,” he says as the rapper asks her when her lunch is and if he can see her later.

Then Jaystar asks for her number and she gives him it. All the while poor Eric is sitting there watching. When Jaystar asks if she has a boyfriend she says, ‘no’.

“Did she give him her real number?” Eric asks, clutching at straws, before being informed that, yes, she did give her legit contact details and that she had even texted Jaystar while being on her ‘birthday weekend away’ with Eric. Ouch.

Host Louis then unhelpfully says: “I don’t know if you class this as cheating.” Meanwhile, poor Eric looks like he wants to cry.

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