KFC To Start Selling Pizza With A Fried Chicken Base!

Chicken might be the most versatile food on the planet. It works in just about every dish you can imagine. Curries, burgers, roasts, nuggets, crisps, anything. I’d probably eat chicken if they made it a breakfast cereal and so would you.

Previously you might have thought that there’s no better combination that chicken and a frying pan. But KFC just put something out on social media that might change your mind.

It might get you thinking: “aye, wait on, maybe chicken and pizza deserves the title of ‘greatest food combination’?”

It seems that they’re about to launch a ‘Chizza’. It’s a big ol’ chicken breast fillet complete with cheese and toppings.

The news was shared on KFC’s official Facebook page yesterday and we’ve been promised there’s more to come when they officially announce the Chizza on their website.

Featured Image Credit: KFC

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