Man Throws Plastic Bag Into Black Sea And Turns It Green

An area of the Black Sea has turned bright green, according to locals.

The patch, which is spreading “quickly”, is located in Omega Bay, near Sevastopol in Crimean Peninsula, became a toxic shade of green last week.

Local reports say the water was affected by a plastic bag containing unidentified liquid was thrown into the water.

Others are saying the colour change suggets a “special” having been added for “fish.”

Netizen Masha said: “I had an aquarium when I was younger, and usually water changes its colour when you add a special drug for fish.

“Based on the amount of dead birds this year, maybe somebody has decided to heal the fish.”

An investigation by a Russian health watchdog has not reached a conclusion, meaning the water may be damaging to humans.

This isn’t the first time this hue-alteration has happened.

Man Reportedly Throws Plastic Bag Into Black Sea And Turns It Green

Back in April last year, another area near the Crimean Peninsula turned yellow due to bad weather.

Environmental experts said it was a combination of sand, microelements and minerals that rose from the bottom of the sea that made the water turn yellow.

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