It’s Official The Nokia 3310 Is Back

The Nokia 3310 is fucking back, lads.

Originally revealed 17 years ago, Nokia has resurrected the classic mobile phone at MWC 2017, with a handful of modern tweaks.

More than 126 million of the original model were produced before it was phased out in 2005.

Unlike the brick-like sturdiness of the old 3310, the modern variant is a little smaller, thinner, and lighter.

Here’s how the original was advertised…

The new version of the handset has been treated to a makeover but is essentially the same.

The new model is 12.8mm thick and weighs 79.6g, as opposed to 22mm and 133g, meaning it looks fresher and slicker than its predecessor, with an enlarged, 2.4-inch 320 x 240 colour screen and significantly slimmer frame.

It’s also now available in glossy red and yellow colour options, as well as the familiar grey and dark blue matte schemes.

The phone’s main keys have been altered, with the large blue button being ditched, along with the ‘C’ and arrows buttons.

Replacing these is a square-shaped central keypad, flanked by large ‘call’ and ‘end call’ buttons.

“Nokia phones stir real emotions,” said Juho Sarvika, the chief product officer of HMD Global.

nokia 3310
Credit: PA Images

“For the Nokia 3310 we just couldn’t resist. We wanted to reward loyal Nokia phone fans and make a statement that rich heritage, innovation and modern design can go hand-in-hand.”

The handset is being marketed as a feature phone, and is designed to be used as a festival, weekend or as a ‘fun’ mobile.

The 3310 revamp is among four new handsets Nokia are announcing at the MWC, which is being held in Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March, 2017.

HMD is planning to make the new Nokia 3310 available in Q2 this year for around £50.

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