Wish Commerce Vs E-commerce – A Constant Battle

By Saurabh Kapoor

( Co-Founder –Bottle Openers Digital Pvt Solutions Limited )

Yes ! Anything can sell online. We can open up a shop online within days. But is this a herd mentality that we are chasing or is it that lots of opportunists have started identifying the opportunities?


The struggle has always been how to start and where to start from?


The following are 7 essentials that we should always keep in mind.


  1. Don’t wish , Play the game hard

  When we start we always wish that I start selling from day one. Every penny    

   Spent is every penny gained. Always follow the fundamentals of building the   

   brand first and then  running after performance marketing .


  1. Don’t run away from Hard Reality

    There is competition that has been there before you and built a legacy, respect     

    that and try selling your core proposition and USP than trying to win over



  1. Always build the top funnel

     Yes ,Google is required and so is Facebook. But use these channels for High  

     intent capturing in phase 1 and then move to the other channels like Affiliates  

    , SMS, Email Marketing


  1. Innovation is the king

    Whatever you do , try and do one thing which stands out whether it is on   

    impact or on mobile. Or its surrogate . its important to break the clutter


  1. Mobile is the New Desktop

    Think mobile , Deliver Mobile. Use mobile as a medium to build Recall,

    consideration and awareness  and eventually leading to conversion. 70% of  

    the performance happens through the APP or the Mobile WEB.


  1. Social Engagements : An Obligation but your perception builder

     Being socially active will help create the right perception of the brand in   

     the long run. Brands tend to focus straight away on Sales . They have to show   

     variety and convenience in the long run and not discounts. Women go for

     variety and men go for discounts.


  1. Analytics : The most neglected one  

     Always focus on loyalty of customers. They are your brand advocates.   

     Use data and user behavior to cross sell or urge customers to purchase  

     on a regular basis. Getting newer customers are equally important as   

retaining the existing ones.  


In a nutshell, go slow , build your brand and its attributes and let the customers take your forward. Use the right approach in-terms of the usage of channels in digital marketing. Build the upper funnel with Display (Impact), Google and Facebook and then use CRM channels,  Native , Affiliates for performance.

About Writer : Saurabh Kapoor ( Ex-Digital Head –Koovs , Has worked across performance digital roles on various brands in the past like Dominos, Adidas, Telenor , India Today Etc )

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